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May 17, 2022  
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Being in a international place often brings out the true spirit of being a Cook Islander, simply ask all the students who went to USP Fiji that never ever danced before! Is there not one flying on the sail of our Vaka? The Cook Islands is at all times the lifetime of the celebration – no matter how small we are, that is http://jackpotsopc.webdeamor.com/residence-team-win-football-predictions the spirit of the Cook Islands. Who will get to warm the seat of Cookie Consul General in Auckland? It solely pays $70,000 so do not expect a excessive flying Cookie already holding a high job in Kiwiland! Such an individual would have to take a large dive in pay!

Enquiries made from the top line security guards on the wharf gate revealed a truck had carried the tank away from the wharf and it could now be someplace in Betela. MOIP still has the tank under tender. Isn’t it nice NZ cash constructed some new single and two bedroom properties in Aitutaki?

How come our tiny island is experiencing so many delays and “non-advancement? ” Some -one, some individuals or one thing has been holding again our rightful development. Isn’t the free filtered and treated water system at Tupapa initiated by the local MP and funded by the Kiwi High Com simply great chooks!

The Regional Pacific Leaders chin wag is rapidly growing into full blown International jaw-jousting! Too many government Boards chooks? If Boards are to be retained, then retain them as advisors to government-that’s all. Let authorities do the hiring and firing and make the CEO report on to the Minister not a Board. One northern MP is frantically trying to get back up north on the cheap!

That was accomplished after the Big “T” received the lease and an EIA stamp. With the Big T sidelined, a model new EIA must be submitted. The pic featured within the every day was from the Big T’s plan. And word is the Agriculture HOM’s memory turned somewhat hazy when the Ministry for Infrastructure requested for the new Chinese supplied JCBs. After a lot to and fro-ing it transpired the keys to operate the machines had been within the machines.

In reality the PSC is considering placing out a policy directive regarding the keeping and care of Pets at work. Giant water spout seen over Matavera late on Sunday afternoon was spectacular. Could it have been an omen of sorts?

Here’s an http://intranet.candidatis.at/cache.php?url=http://raybans-wayfarers.net/sports-betting-app even more radical concept chooks! All native pensioners to obtain the NZ pension! We import $100 million worth of merchandise from NZ each year! There are lower than 4,000 pensions anyway so NZ can afford it! Most of our people are already on the NZ pension so what’s one other 4,000?

What was it chooks that delayed the progress on the fancy new $10 million inter-island passenger boat that was to be built by the Chinese? Less than one hundred people bothered to show up for the Kumete Sports day on Monday. There were a minimal of three different big sports events held on that same day! Why not bring back the traditional stuff like stilt fighting, boxing, tug o war, teka, wrestling, spinning tops, horse racing, coconut husking races? Better nonetheless, organise a secondary school sports activities occasion to be held on Kumete sports day. Get sponsors to put up good prizes for successful schools-like a pc, library books.

Word is authorities is to ask US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to make a whistle stop tour of the Cook Islands following her official go to to Kiwi Land subsequent 12 months. Last Friday a government quake sent a tsunami of types through a quantity of government Ministries sweeping out Shofan from MFEM, some staff from Aid Management and the boss of MOIP! Word though is the boss of MOIP really resigned and the whisper is it's over the dealing with of the Aitutaki aftermath. Government is to form a committee of officers to research why it is taking so lengthy to get certain jobbies done in Aitutaki! At least three Aitutaki families have packed their luggage and headed off to Kiwiland chooks.

Each Ministry CEO should now be inspired to adopt a pet. Not permitted are as pets are Alligators, Snakes, Tarantulas, Gibbons, Chimps, Sharks, Pit Bull Terriers, Lions, Tigers, Polar http://livebettingidl.thedeels.com/sport-betting Bears, Elephants or Rhinos. Talking parrots and Pet Rocks are acceptable.

If this is the price, then we could as nicely persist with diesel-it’s cheaper! In any case, diesel will continue to price us money! Chooks, our government may have set aside airfares for five totally different artists to represent us at the Pacific Arts Festival in Honiara, to put that side of our tradition into perspective. But all this complaining about not being represented is a load of bull frog doo dah! Our vaka and its crew have been there.